Lost Castle #1, West Kirby

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In Ashton Park West Kirby, a Viking stave church was built to celebrate Wirral’s unique Viking history and Norse connections. Members of the community joined together and built Olivier Grossetête's incredible cardboard structure in Ashton Park, West Kirby (Norse for 'the West Village of the Church'). The area is thought to have been almost a Viking state in its own right with its own borders, customs, trading point and language. 

  • 8.27 × 11.69 - Lustre Art Print (inc 1" white border)
    Fujifilm Fujicolor Professional DP II 
    Limited edition (50) Signed and Numbered
    (Print only)
  • 20 x 16" Framed / White 

Photographs are printed by a chosen pro-print laboratory onto Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper.

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